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Mattress accessories - pillows, bed toppers, bed linens

Kassatex Fine Linens

Excellence in luxury and superior comfort for the home is the heart and soul of Kassatex. We invite you to indulge in the sensual and the exceptional, with products and accessories of unparalleled quality for your bed and bath. We only use the finest yarns, including a selection of products that are environmentally friendly, while altogether providing a touch of elegance for the ultimate experience in home comfort.

Mattress accessories - pillows, bed toppers, bed linens

45th Street Bedding Products

45th Street Bedding launched to meet a need in the marketplace for high quality, durable, gimmick-free bedding products with exceptional value. Everybody deserves to sleep comfortably on products that promote deep rest and don’t compromise their health. As the mattress industry trends ever more toward the ‘disposable goods’ mindset, we choose to use durable, natural materials. These fibers not only give our products increased durability and longevity, but they’re also better for your health (and for the planet) than synthetic alternatives. We save you from the flashy marketing stories about ‘magical mattress materials’ by delivering high quality products done right. So you can enjoy better sleep.

Other Aspects of Wonderful Sleep

Pillows. Linens. Natural Products. These are also important aspects of healthy sleep. At Northwest Sleep Solutions you will be impressed by our quality of bedding accessories.

We have an extensive pillow selection – the Wool pillows and Botanical Latex pillows by 45th Street Bedding have been very popular. Naturally allergen free and available in different comfort choices – quality pillows are a great investment.

The ever popular Tempurpedic Pillows are well known for their pressure relieving therapeutic benefits. With the Swedish neck pillow, the side pillow, the Classic and more choices available you are sure to find the right fit.

You will also find luxurious Down Comforters and pillows. Mattress toppers – Natural Latex, Wool, and Mattress Pads by 45th Street Bedding and Tempur-pedic. Protect your new mattress or add an extra layer of luxury… Many choices are available.

We also carry the following bedding accessories: