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How we brought a good night’s sleep to one of Bellingham’s finest hotels

Bellwether Hotel - Best Bed Mattress

Our beds were talked about on TV today.  It was kind of exciting! King 5’s Evening Magazine was featuring some of the things that make Bellingham unique.  The Sparks museum, Fairhaven’s local dog park/beer hangout and then… the lovely Hotel Bellwether. We smiled as we watched the tv screen, the hotels manager Jim Haupt spoke… Read more »

Welcome to our New Website

Locally owned mattress store in Bellingham

Well here it is… our new website. We’re really excited about it…

Ski to Sea Winner

Bellingham Mattress Store Ski-to-Sea race winner

Northwest Sleep Solutions for getting 4th place in the 2014 Ski to Sea!! Great job. The Ski to Sea Race…