How we brought a good night’s sleep to one of Bellingham’s finest hotels

Our beds were talked about on TV today.  It was kind of exciting!

King 5’s Evening Magazine was featuring some of the things that make Bellingham unique.  The Sparks museum, Fairhaven’s local dog park/beer hangout and then… the lovely Hotel Bellwether.

We smiled as we watched the tv screen, the hotels manager Jim Haupt spoke as pictures of this lovely hotel were shown.  Then, Jim mentioned how much their customers LOVED their comfy beds and how some even wanted to buy one for their homes.  We sat watching that with silly smiles on our faces, proud as two parents watching their toddler walk for the first time.

Best sleep. Best mattress. Bellwether bed.

Scott custom designed Bellwether’s comfy bed!

Scott designed those beds specially for the lovely Hotel Bellwether, just like he’s designed our own Northwest Sleep bedding line. It’s not too often in retail that you get a chance to create, and I remember that exciting day that we got our first shipment in, ready for delivery to the hotel.  That was over five years ago and since then, we’ve supplied two other local hotels with mattresses.

Branching out and doing something a bit different can be fun.  It’s a good feeling to take your knowledge and create.  When shoppers come into our store, and ask to see the “Bellwether bed,” we like to ask how they enjoyed their stay.  We know that if they’re looking for that bed, that they slept well.  For us, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Watch King 5’s Evening Magazine’s Video