Life is too short to be tired

“Over the river and through the woods…to grandmothers house we go….” Memories of the boys singing this song as we pulled out of the driveway, hitting the road, always makes me smile.

Like many of you, we traveled to be with family for Thanksgiving.  Crossing a couple of rivers, we drove some miles, then caught the Edmonds/Kingston ferry to my in-laws home.  While we waited two hours in line for the ferry, I cuddled my pillow while reading a new book.  Yes friends, I travel with my pillow!  Because while I love these visits, the truth is that sleeping somewhere else (even if it’s grandmas house) can be tricky.

Sleep Store - Bedding Accessories Bellingham

Reed Family Linens. Their coverlets are great quality, wrinkle free and I have them in my mom’s cabin where they get bounced on by the grand kids and still look fabulous.

When our boys were small, they all had their sleepy time friends.  One had a favorite stuffed animal, while another loved his blankie.  After their baths, I would read them a bedtime story and tuck them in. Sometimes getting them to sleep was easy, but often it was not.  Finding what worked for each of my boys was the key.

Now they’re all grown up and I am the grandma in the family.  We all have new bedtime rituals and things that help us sleep.  At home, I use an aromatic blend of lavender/eucalyptist in the diffuser in our bedroom.  I turn it on about 15 minutes before retiring.  Cuddling my favorite fluffy pillow, my nightly bedtime story is usually a chapter in my latest fiction book.  To my pillow, I’ve added an additional firm neck roll.  This combination gives my neck such great support that I rarely see my chiropractor anymore.

On colder nights, I use a heating pad to warm up my side of our Tempur-pedic mattress. One of my favorite things that we carry at Northwest Sleep Solutions are the washable wool mattress pads

Wool Mattress Pad

Washable wool mattress pads. Wool is a fantastic, natural heat regulator and it adds just the perfect bit of softness to our bed.

Wool is a fantastic, natural heat regulator and it adds just the perfect bit of softness to our bed.  I admit, I love comfort and there’s nothing like crawling into a warm bed with silky sheets and fluffy pillows in a room that smells like a spa.

Speaking of sheets, our cotton/bamboo blend sheets are my husband’s favorites.  We’ve slept on them at home for ten years, so when we tell our customers how great they are…well, we truly mean it.

Owning a sleep store has changed my life (sleep) for the better.  I have access to amazing products and love to see what works for me.  My favorite pillow is very affordable, washable (dust mites be gone!), the synthetic fill is light and has the perfect “fluff” for me.  The neck roll that has changed my life is made by Tempur-pedic and was actually designed as a travel pillow, but I use it every day.  It is soooo good for my neck.  Our beloved washable wool mattress pad is made by a company in Seattle, it keeps me cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  I really miss this baby when traveling, but it’s bad enough to show up at friends homes with my two pillows without hauling a mattress pad with me…that would be a bit awkward.

Sleep Store - Bedding Accessories Bellingham

Our cotton/bamboo blend sheets are my husband’s favorites.

Often people come into Northwest Sleep Solutions and they look …well, tired.  My heart goes out to them as they share of insomnia, neck problems or other sleep challenges.  Honestly, we can’t cure all, but there are often things that can help and finding what works for them is the challenge.  I’ve had good friends lie on their favorite mattress in our showroom, while I bring them pillows to try.  This may sound simple, but we carry thirty-three different kinds of pillows! This can’t be hurried, as you need to be thoughtful about the position that you sleep in and the pillows feel.  Taking the time is an important investment and we know how finding the perfect pillow can be life changing.  They’ve told us.

So, as the busy-ness of the holidays is upon us, I hope you think about giving the gift of good sleep, whether to yourself or others. A gift certificate towards a pillow, a fluffy mattress pad, wool filled comforter, or some amazingly soft bamboo blend sheets is the gift that keeps on giving…night after night. Life is too short to be tired. We can help.

Happy holidays and sleep well friends,