Eco-friendly, natural, and affordable: Bellingham’s very own mattress line

My husband, Scott knows beds. Not your “normal” everyday talent I’d say.  Starting in the bed business over thirty years ago, those decades of experience mean that he has sold all of the big hitters, Simmons, Sealy, Spring Air, Tempur-pedic, Serta and King Koil to name a few.  And how many of you remember waterbeds?  Yes, back in the 80’s, he sold those too!

Bellingham Mattress Experts

Scott & LeAnn Caseria, Owners
Local family-owned and operated

Ever really wanted to make a change in your life?  That was Scott fifteen years ago and word got out that he might be available.  He was respected throughout the industry and (without even looking), he got six job offers from leading mattress manufacturers, plus one from a Seattle company offering him a chain of bedding stores to manage.  But we were a family, so a decision like moving out of Whatcom County where our children were thriving was not taken lightly and I watched him weigh the pluses and minuses.  Long story short, he pursued his lifelong dream of owning his own bed store, with plans of doing things differently.

And Scott does… do things differently.

Scott’s quest to have the best quality beds at affordable prices was not the easiest value to fulfill as we were evaluating what to carry at Northwest Sleep Solutions.  If you’ve ever had a time in life where you couldn’t find what you wanted… or if you did, but it wasn’t affordable, you’ll understand.  We found that in some mattress price ranges we had some holes to fill.

For example, a supportive bed with a softer feel is a popular choice, but Scott saw that the industry hadn’t mastered that needed combination, especially for those that desire a “natural” bedding choice.  Having sold natural latex for years, he knew that it gives great support.  Some of the national brands used to carry it, but it had become very expensive and we couldn’t find affordable options.

About that time, along came the Hotel Bellwether who had some very specific things that they needed.  Scott listened and began to design.  He found a factory in NW Oregon that could build to his specifications and the popular, flippable “Bellwether bed” was born.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” rang true and after this first bed design, we went out on a limb and began creating what we could not find.  The idea of our own Northwest Sleep bed line filled those gaps, so that we could provide quality, affordability and especially offer beds made from natural materials.

One example of how these beds are different is that when creating a softer bed, Simmons uses a soft coil which can sometimes lead to problems.  By using natural latex in our Fairhaven bed, we were able to use a firmer and far more durable spring unit, while still achieving that softer feel that our customers desire.

Linen mattress - natural, breathable fabric

Linen mattresses provide a natural, breathable fabric which allows for increased airflow, moisture wicking and cooler sleep.

It was important to us to choose natural, eco-friendly materials instead of synthetic polyester.  Many of our beds contain wool, which is a natural, breathable insulator, keeping you comfortable all night.  Linen is another amazing, natural, breathable fabric which allows for increased airflow, moisture wicking and cooler sleep.  Normally, this quality would be far more expensive, but these are not, and in fact they are very affordable.

I remember the excitement when that first delivery came in!  Next came naming these “one of a kind” mattress creations.  When customers lay on a Sucia, Matia, Shuksan, Fairhaven and Larrabee, there is no doubt that these beds are Whatcom County natives reflecting our families love for Bellingham and the beautiful San Juan Islands.

I love being different. 

Having something that you can’t find anywhere else is a good feeling.  Natural eco-friendly sleep solutions are important.  Offering affordable quality for everyone, from the WWU dorm to the lakefront home is important to us.

Because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep at a price they can afford.

The more choices we carry, in every price level, the better sleep and value for our customers.

And that’s a difference that matters.

Sleep well friends,